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Child protection

IARU Region 1 has a legal obligation to take every practicable measure to ensure that young people taking part in this event are not exposed to risk. All adults who are team leaders, event organizers or organizing volunteers and competition officials ( Jury members ) will be required to sign the relevant declaration included in the Region 1 Child Protection Policy.

Documents for download:

Appendix 1 (to be signed by event organizers),

Appendix 2 (to be signed by team leaders),

Appendix 3 (parental consent).

Should they not be prepared to sign the declaration, then they will not be permitted to take part in the event.


Countries (societies) which have declared their letters of intents to participate are listed here


According to the Rules:

W19, M19, W21, M21, W35, M40, W50, M50, W60, M60, and M70

21th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships

Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) has honor to invite all participants, officials and visitors to 21th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships in 2017 in Lithuania. All events will be held in surroundings of Druskininkai in various terrains. We believe that it will be demanding for ARDF athletes to demonstrate their skills to navigate in radio direction finding as excellent orienteerer and at the same time to run fast.

We would like to invite all ARDF society to spend a week in excellent resort with good leisure possibilities: Snow Arena (skiing indoors in summertime), Aqua Park, Soviet sculpture exhibition and other museums.


If payments are done up to June 30, 2017:

Accommodation in Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija for competitors, officials, guests:

Price on double- room accommodation (accommodation, full board, pool and sauna) 45 EUR per day per person (competitors, officials, media, guests), 270 EUR for the whole event.

Price on single-room accommodation (accommodation, full board, pool and sauna) 52 EUR per day per person (competitors, officials, media, guests), 310 EUR for the whole event.

Total fee for competitors (including everything above):

450 EUR (double accommodation);

490 EUR (single accommodation).

For late payments and other fees see in bulletin No.2.

Venue and date of the event

Druskininkai Spa Resort, south of Lithuania. Dates of championships September 04-10, 2017. Connection through Vilnius International Airport (125 km from event center) or Kaunas International Airport (135 km from event center).

Event center would be in Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija as well as main accommodation facility. There are a lot of other possibilities to get accommodation of any level in Druskininkai, and that could be provided by organizers.

Training camp

Druskininkai, September 1-3, 2017.

Schedule: Aug 31 arrival, Sept 01- classics (80m), Sept 02- foxoring and sprint, Sept 03- classics (2m).

Fees — accommodation 45 EUR per person per night (includes double-room basis accommodation, full board, pool and sauna), entry fee 10EUR per training event.

All training competitions will be organized as a self-service, i.e., transmitters will be operating in a certain time range (10.00 –13.00 foxoring, sprint 16.00-18.00, 10.00–15.00 for classics), every participant can start and finish by themselves , there will be an SI system installed.

AEDF2017 Center in Grand SPA Lietuva